Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Workshop - First Aid for Dogs and Cats

As most of my readers know, I am planning a series of workshops.
Now comes the big question - which workshop should I start with?
I decided with the most important one - First Aid for Dogs and Cats.

In my opinion every pet owner needs and wants to know what to do in an emergency.
If your dog or cat gets injured, no ambulance will come and help. So we responsible pet owners need to know what to do, so that we can make it safely and in time to the vet.

I soon realised that pets can get into all sorts of trouble, so my first workshop covers the most common life-threatening situations like choking, serious bleeding, shock, etc. I also include a list what items should be in a good First Aid Kit.

There are two options to run a workshop - with and without handing out a manual. In my workshops you will get a comprehensive manual in case you need to look up things at a later stage (like normal values for body temperature, heart beat, how to do CPR, what to do in case of a fracture, etc.). And of course I will hand out a certificate at the end of the workshop.

Dates and more information about my workshops on my website: http://animalconnection.com.au/index.php/workshops.html

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