Tuesday, 10 February 2009


Ever since early childhood I felt a strong connection to animals. Well, so do lots of people... But for me, my passion has translated into close attention to what works and what doesn't in helping animals to feel and perform better.

During my lifetime I was lucky to share many years with a lot of dear companions - dogs, cats, birds, fish, horses, rodents and many more.

If I followed my instincts I would be a vet today, but I never could stand the thought of putting an animal down. So I stayed away from that occupational opportunity and instead became a Master of Engineers. I also had a successful career in sales, was the owner of a literacy agency, but I was always searching for real fulfillment. During all those years I never stopped studying whatever I could find about animals. Only in my 40ies I opened my eyes and realized that it was finally time to follow my heart and do what I always wanted to do – working with animals!

First of all I started further studies and became a Remedial Massage Therapist at the Australian Institute for Applied Sciences.

I realized that my connection with animals was always a loving energy connection. They taught me, if you give you receive. And that is basically how energy healing works; it is always an exchange of energies.

Over the time I developed an own method/style to work with an animal, it involves elements of massage, EFT, TTouch, Bowen Technique, Quantum Touch, Acupressure, and Kinesiology.

Due to my continuous studies my method will change (grow) all the time.

Recently I added the Australian Bush Flower Essences to complement my energy work and I have plans to attend an animal communication course.


Heidi said...

Hallo Dagmar
Gratuliere zum neuen Blog. Schön ist er geworden, ich werd öfter vorbeischaun... leider nur virtuell:-))
liebe Grüsse

Liz Kraft said...

Good for you, Dagmar!
And your blog looks great! We think of you often... over here on the other side of the world. Hope to make it out to Oz in November of this year. Maybe you & Thomas can take us on a hike in your neck of the woods.
Hugs from Holland,
Liz (& Tobi, Lukas & Alexander)