Sunday, 7 December 2008

How do the Australian Bush Flower Essences work?

Dis-ease (not at ease with oneself) is a physical manifestation of emotional imbalances. Each emotion affects a different body part (i.e. in TCM grief is associated with the lungs). Candace Pert, a biological scientist, discovered that hormones are released by the body, when emotions are stimulated. Specific receptor cells take up those hormones, then the emotions can be recognized and expressed, as a result the hormones dissipate.
If an emotion is blocked, ignored or suppressed, the hormones accumulate in the receptor cells. If this process is often repeated, this can lead to disease in a particular area of the body.

The ABFE help unblocking these emotions and help therefore prevent the body from developing disease.

The energy of the ABFE vibrates at a very high frequency. When an Essence is ingested or absorbed, it enters into the physical body via the mucuous membranes, the digestive and nervous system. The energy then goes to the meridians, out to the outer energy layers and then back to the physical body via the chakras and meridians (see the book “Vibrational Medicine” by Richard Gerber MD).

The ABFE are as effective when taken by children and animals as they are for adults. In fact, they work exceptionally quickly on children and animals as they don’t carry around as much baggage as we adults do, they have fewer emotional barriers and are more in touch with their feelings.

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