Sunday, 7 December 2008

Benefits of massage for pet owners

  • increases knowledge of your pet’s body

  • empowers you to participate in your pet’s health, healing and quality of life

  • lowers your blood pressure

  • influences your immune system

  • provides time for silence and reflection

  • Researchers of the University of Pennsylvania have found that people, who have suffered a coronary attack are less likely to have a relapse, if they have an animal at home to pet (result: relaxing, beneficial decrease in heart rate)

  • healing another brings healing within

In short:

Massage is capable of inducing an excellent state of well-being and harmony. What is more, the benefits of massage are not only felt by the receiver, but also by the masseur/masseuse. Whilst giving a treatment we experience a total sense of relaxation as we immerse ourselves and on completion we feel revived, revitalized and full of energy. Bonding between human and animal improves dramatically.

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